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Launch Thread: SpaceX Falcon 9 - Starlink-L16

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old man B1051 edition

Launch window: Wednesday January 20 8:02 AM EST / 13:02 UTC (instantaneous)

Probability of violating weather constraints: 10% (
Backup launch window: ?
Launch vehicle: SpaceX Falcon 9 with first stage B1051.8 (prior launches: DEMO-1, Radarsat, Starlink-L3, Starlink-L6, Starlink-L9, Starlink-L13, SXM-7)
Launch pad: LC-39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida
Fairings: One half flew one Starlink mission, the other two Starlink missions.
Fairing recovery: On fairing recovery vessels 'Ms. Tree' & 'Ms. Chief'
First stage landing: On autonomous spaceport droneship 'Just Read the Instructions'
Payload: 60 Starlink satellites
Payload mass & deployment orbit: ~15,600 kg (~260 kg / Starlink sat); 210 x 366 km(?) @ ~53°

Launch viewing guide for Florida:
SpaceX twitter:
F9 stats: 104th launch, 65th landing, 47th core reuse

This is the most-flown core to date, and the 2nd SpaceX launch of 2021.