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Math not Politics

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Sincerely, I'm trying to understand the statistics of this without any consideration of politics. The boards are normally visit are too polarized down partisan lines to be helpful. Please, no political discussion in thread.

I know enough about statistics to realize how dishonestly they are presented much of the time. Often variables are ignored and blatantly false claims of causation equaling correlation are made.

Can anyone on /sci/ help me figure out what to make of the below claims? Alone, they're like whatever but together they kind of paint a picture. I don't want to parrot false information though.

>Biden is will be the first President in history to win while losing both Ohio and Florida. Obama and Trump both won Ohio, Florida and Iowa. Biden lost all three.

>Both Biden and Trump received millions more votes than any Presidential candidate in history. The assertion being this doesn't make sense.

>Trump was vastly in the lead until mail in votes dumped some of which were over 99% for Biden, statistically impossible

and so on...

Again, I'm trying to understand how to get an actual analytical mathematics view of all this. I apologize.