Anti-schizo thread regarding so-called "black holes"

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You really ought to stop believing in this silly schizo "black hole" garbage. And yes the belief in "black holes" is truly schizo

"Black holes" violate Einstein's Relativity theories (let's just pretend they're correct), yet in the institutionalized "settled science" dogma, they simultaneously believe in Relativity. And "black holes" (as defined by the "black hole" believers themselves) can't exist in a Big Bang Universe, yet they simultaneously believe in the Big Bang. And by the official "black hole" """science""" there can't be /multiple/ "black holes" in the same universe simultaneously, yet they believe there are. It's 100% schizo and idiotic

Institutionalized "settled science" followers are basically religious - they ignore any science and facts which contradicts their belief system

To everyone who wish to learn and educate themselves, here's an excellent scientific paper describing the problems and contradictions with "black holes" and Relativity:

And here are great educational videos for those who don't want to read (all the following is based on /real science/ and observations of reality, as opposed to the "settled science" dogma)