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COVID symptoms

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Since there are sure to be infected people here, what are your symptoms of covid? Here's mine:

EARLY PHASE (5 days)
- a shadow of a cough for 5 days. Can't overemphasize how mild. Literally had 7 singular coughs a day.

- once or twice a day: mucus in throat.

- NO fever or feeling sick.

6th DAY
- RAPID deterioration. Coughs became frequent, and phlegmmy at 6 PM. At 10 PM, my trachea's mucus membrane got stripped, and every breath felt dry and painful. At 11 PM, I got severe shortness of breath. Actually thought I would die.

7th DAY
- significant improvement of conditions. Throat is still dry, but less. Shortness of breath is almost gone.

And that's it, today is my 7th day. We'll see what happens.