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Chemistry thread

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For all chemists that browse here. I really want to go to grad school for what I'm interested in (organic synthesis) and work in pharma, but I'm afraid of the job prospects. Becoming a professor seems kind of crappy, so I dont want to fall back to that. I thought about switching my focus to polymer chem because I've heard there are more jobs there. Any truth to this? I really dont want to waste my time getting a degree that is pointless. I've also considered going straight to work after my undergrad but I know I have the potential and the passion to do research. Some background on my situation.
>biochemistry undergrad because I didn't know what I wanted to do
>research for 2 years in quantum dot lab
>did one semester of genetics research, hated it
>now working in a total synthesis lab, love it
With my synthesis background would it be easy to get into a polymer grad program? Or am I fucked? Pic related is me when I realized my favorite area of chem is a meme.