When's "good enough" for a living?

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Is it worth going through all the Vilppu courses, studying all the bones and muscles from Goldifinger, Proko and Rey Bustos, and going through Marshall and Scott Robertson Perspective?

Or you can just make a living with basic construction and digital painting skills.

I know an artist who pretty much got all what he knows from Mikeymegamega tutorials (no anatomy, no gesture or in depth color theory, only seems to follow Mikeymegamega and self taught clipstudio paint judging from his DA and Twitter comments) , and he still makes a living from his patreon and comissions, some of which pay a 50$ subscription, and got people seem to think his art is same level as videogames


Still his art doesn't 100% convince me, I don't know if it's anatomy issue or the fact that convincing anine style seems to be pretty hard to avhieve.

I wanted to hear some thoughts if it's really that good, or some examples of when's considered good pretty good aready and how much does it take.