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Share your art woes with me, /ic/.
I'll start.
I'm really tired of grinding myself everyday to not even my friends support or like my posts or say anything positive at all about my art. I feel like my local art communitty which is fairly small and knows eachother just follows me for pity and to laugh at me. They don't interact with me, with my posts or say anything at all unless if I have something useful to them (i.e. resources). I know this is because I post "bland" practice art, but in turn this gets me into a loophole that I don't want to post the art I invest myself in for fear of it being ignored or ridiculed and keep posting the same practice shit. I feel like they all look down on me and think my techcnichal skill is poor and my art is boring and all go simp to the genshin impact shitty fanarts.