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/ic/ Guide To Improving Visual Imagination

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Hello, I am the OP from this thread:
>>5215763 (OP)

Based on the feedback from that thread I wanted to make a guide on improving visual imagination because it came to my attention that no such guide existed. If you would like to read it it is located here:

It is open to comments, and I would love some feedback.

Your visual abilities are improvable through hard work. Over the last couple of years I have cultivated this ability through the steps I gave in my document, and I have seen impressive results.

If you would like to link additional information to me, I would love to see it. Books or articles on the subject are hard to come by. I am also interested in possibly simplifying this so it can be turned into an infographic to be shared in future threads if you would like to help with that.

Sorry that I am a bit of a walking tldr, but sometimes you just write a post so long that you can’t even break it up into parts to feasibly post it (which I have done before). Sorry about that.

Feel free to leave if you are not interested, but it took me a while to make so some feedback would be lovely.