the truth about tracing

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i come here mostly to see if people is talking about my art because even with thousands of followers in social media, the comments i get on my art here are a lot better than "humina humina booba ogga booga" on twitter.

i been tracing for years now, i polished my tech with 3d models i did myself, not only my fans but other artists think that im goals, that my anatomy is beyond them. thats because i learn how to hide it.

i had a controversy years ago, someone called me out for tracing, so i decided to do """streams""" drawing from scratch. people take this as the ultimate proof that you don't trace. but here is the trick. YOU LITERALLY PRINT IMAGES OF 3D MODELS, PUT IT OVER YOUR TABLET AND TRACE. this is more easy with screen tablets but can be done with screenless ones too.

there is a big ammount of artists that do this in your face with every piece and you fell like the "normies" in social media, even your biggest art hero is probably tracing rn. just do the same, dont waste your time "learning" when you can literally cheat and get the same result in less time

you can come with any argument you want about how im souless or losing focus, but if you think that your art will end in a musseum, you should reconsider the reasons for drawing. at the end of the day, i just want easy money to spend on anime figures and hiring high quality prostitutes.