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If you don’t enjoy the process of learning to make art, you might as well just quit.

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Because that’s never gonna end, even when you make it. If you don’t enjoy sitting down and drawing boxes and buildings and cars and planes as you learn perspective, and are thinking to yourself “this is lame I just wanna draw anime girls,” you need to take a step back, and self assess.

You don’t actually enjoy drawing, you don’t have a genuine passion for it. What you like is the IDEA of the praise you’ll get for making art. You’re chasing validation. If you actually loved drawing, you’d draw, regardless of whether or not anyone noticed your work or not, and you’d draw anything because it’s fun to you, regardless of what the subject matter is.

It’s something worth considering before jumping in and trying to tackle a skillset that takes years to get good at, and a lifetime to master. You might be better off finding something else you are passionate about, or just learning to love the process.