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Why can't American comics artists properly design women faces?

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Seriously, barring some exceptions like Art Addams, Warren, the Scott Pilgrim author or other stylized simplistic indie comics, a good majority of american comics artists in general seems to draw female characters as man-jawed with hard marked black lines for cheekbones with gigantic lips and ugly thick lipstick. Other alternatives don't much better either, since that "cartoony" style that have J. Scott Campbell or Amanda Conner just look ridiculous and rather hideous to me, even Frank Cho is pretty meh to me for the same reason. Compared to the Japanese ones who mastered the art of designing cute and appealing girls to both male and female audiences or the realistic, more down to heart but still idealized according to universal beauty canons approach the Europeans follow in their comics like pic related.

Not to mention that american cartoons aren't looking much better either with the Calarts style invasione they had this decade. With the exception of classic Disney films, pre-2000 cartoons and some videogames, american art styles just clash with my sensibilità.