OC redraw thread

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Draw someone's OC or post your own! All skill levels are welcome!

#1: if your character has some backstory/lore then post it alongside the art ffs! Don't make people spam: "backstory?" "lore?" and make the thread reach bump limit faster
end of rules.

Explanation of the thread:
some anon posts his character
some other anon draws it

some anons use this thread as an excuse to Just Draw (chad drawfag legends)
some other anons draw but expect a return drawing for their effort
some other anons just use it to share their OCs but they don't expect or want any drawings of them
some other anons use this thread to get free art of their precious steel donuts (chad OC providers)

also: try at least thanking the drawfags for the effort if they drew your char.
also also: sometimes thanks or drawings are posted in the next thread or even 2 threads later, so if you didn't get any (you)s then it's worth checking the future threads as well

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