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What supervillains have the best and most interesting motivations?

Conquering the world, insanity or stealing money seems kind of boring and not a great reason for the antagonist to specifically interact with the protagonist.

For example, the Joker has the motive to fuck with Batman and Batman has an obsession with beating up criminals. But there is no strong reason that the Joker should specifically care about Batman.

Consider that Poison Ivy (in here modern incarnation as an ecoterrorist) has a very strong motivation against Bruce Wayne's corporate enterprises (even I've haven't really seen this used beyond possibly background flavor to the specific factory or whatever she is attacking tonight.)

Lex Luthor makes a bit more sense if he has a personal spite with Superman for being so strong and well respected. IMO a trouble with that is that he should logically dislike a bunch of other superheroes as well which I haven't really seen used. And Superman doesn't really have a personal motive for disliking Lex Luthor.