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/sdg/ - Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated Marathon Thread #1

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>Episode:"Beware the Beast From Below"(Series Starts)

Season 1-2 MEGA:!acdDzRqL!noVTNRxmrQcxvHagHi(2+6)kgQ
Solve the math problem

>What is this?
To commemorate 8 years since Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated premiered we're celebrating by watching all 52 episodes of the show, One episode a week in 2018

>What's happening in this topic?
Once a week(usually), every Friday, there will be a general created for discussing that week's episode, along with links to said episode.

>What's the point of this?
It's just a fun little activity to do throughout 2018 to make the year a bit more interesting, nothing more.

>Why Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated?
The show was well received but most people skipped it since it was seen as another scooby doo reboot with nothing to offer. During the year we will try and finish the episodes by October so we can hold a strawpoll during the month for different categories for each episode (IE, Best mystery, Monster, Music, Art, etc.) This means that some Fridays will include 2 episodes if needed to reach that mark.

>This is stupid
That's very possible, if it is, please feel free to voice your grievances here. If enough people hate this, I won't do it, no hard feelings.

>I want to get into this, is it too late to join in?
It's Never Too Late for Now. Feel free to use the previous threads for links to episodes and watch at your own pace. At only one episode a week, it should be easy to catch up to where the marathon currently is.

Is this a terrible idea? Have better suggestions for a layout for this topic? Know how to do it better and want to be in charge of making these topics instead? Want to berate me for making this stupid thing in the first place? Other? Please address these within this topic.