Is Krypton the worst part of Superman mythos

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Think about it. Superman is supposed to be the all american guy, granted superpowers. The alien stuff is a unneeded complication that triggers hack screen writers and the general public into thinking Superman is a cold uncaring alien, a demigod that is unconnected from humanity, etc.

Think about the DCEU. Superman had powers from the beginning. He never had any human connection bar his cunt parents and Lois. That is it. He acts like the fucking Hulk, having like a single human connection and just fucking smashing up everything. He just sneers above everybody else. In the comics and some animated stuff he interacts with people and looks natural doing it. Even in Justice League, where they try to have interact with people (the opening with the kids) still looks extremely awkward.

The whole immigrant subplot is ignored the majority of the time and is useless fluff. Billy Batson is a better core Superman, and would have been if DC hadn't sabotaged him.