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The Loud House Thread

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Episode descriptions have been shown for later episodes down the road.

“Road Tripped”
>Everyone in the family has worked hard to save for family vacations. But as they drive to their destination, almost everything goes wrong that can go wrong for the family.

“Net Gains”
>Lynn is desperately trying to win a basketball championship, but unfortunately she is assigned to a terrible team.

“Pipe Dreams”
>Mom and Dad are tired of standing in the long queue in front of the bathroom all the time. That’s why they are building a secret bathroom.

“Fandom Pains”
>Lucy is upset that Lori and Leni started watching their vampire series just because a new character was introduced.

“Teacher’s Union”
>To make physical education more enjoyable for them, Lincoln and Clyde pair up teachers Mrs. Johnson and Coach Pacowski.

No dates for airing, I don't think.