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My understanding of Batman continuity is that pretty much most of the major stuff is still canon, right?

Year One, Death in the Family, Knightfall, the Killing Joke, Under the Red Hood, No Man’s Land, Death and Return of Bruce Wayne, etc, etc all still happened, right? The New 52 just condensed all of that down to a five year span (which is pretty ridiculous, but that’s the timeline we’ve been given).

Obviously, there have been retcons and changes over the years, but am I correct in assuming that most of Batman’s continuity is relatively unchanged? That all the post-Crisis events and stories still happened to some degree?

I know Superman got a complete reboot with the New52, and his entire history was scrapped... until Rebirth happened and it was retconned that post-Crisis Superman was still around and the two then got merged, bringing his major story elements back into continuity.

Obviously the Justice League history got an entire overhaul and pretty much all the older stuff doesn’t count anymore.

But aside from the JLA stuff, Batman’s solo stories were pretty much unchanged right?