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Cartoon Network 2018 Leaks

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With all the negativity concerning Cartoon Network and Christina Miller lately, especially the Teen Titans Go oversaturation, I've decided to relay some information from many connections I have in relation to the channel. Obviously take this all with a grain of salt because some motherfuckers won't believe me regardless, but also cap this for when it's all revealed. Some of this information has already been put out there, but this is everything I know thus far from friends who either work or have worked at both the Atlanta and Burbank offices. Only putting on a tripcode to avoid impersonators.

> Victor and Valentino and Infinity Train had their own offices/floors dedicated to development of their pilots, while the rest of the CN Minisodes (pilots in disguise) were all confined to the same floor, it seemed like greenliting those two were always the plan.

> nuPPG was renewed for another season. Ratings are god awful here in the states, but it does well internationally and sells merch in both the US and global, warranting at least one more season.

> Victor and Valentino has been greenlit for a full first season, while an announcement hasn't been formerly made yet, the cat was let out of the bag on the totebag for their summer office party. (Still trying to get my hands on one of those!)

> Infinity Train has been greenlit, about 10 or 13 episodes I believe not sure if it's been put out there into the world yet but Owen Dennis simply had to finish up his contract on Close Enough before he could move on so he's off that show.