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DC Comics Moves To Artist-Focused “Marvel Method”

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>The standard expected working arrangements for writers and artists for over seventy-five years at the publisher is that the writer creates fully-scripted stories for the artists. Well, from 2018, writers will be instructed to work the so-called “Marvel Method”. Providing plots to be then turned into comics by the artist, before being scripted by the writer.

>It moves the narrative responsibility for structure and storytelling from the writer to the artist, and is part of a greater emphasis on the artist over the writer at DC Comics, that was prominent with the launches of the DC New Age Of Heroes titles

>This will be the standard going forward with the monthly ongoing titles unless, I am told, if the artists specifically request a script to work from. Or, I guess, that’s how the artist and writer decide that’s how they both want to work together. Should make for some fun conversations.

>Advantages of the “Marvel Method” over the full script method that have been cited by creators and industry professionals include that the artist is more visually-minded and thus often has a better notion of how a scene should play out, it gives the artist more freedom, and it lightens the burden on the writer. Cited disadvantages include that not all talented artists are talented writers, and some struggle over aspects such as plot ideas and pacing, it takes advantage of artists, who are typically paid for art alone even though they are essentially working as co-writers, and the artist’s development of a story may clash with the writer’s style.

>Bendis comes to DC
>DC literally changes the entire way they've made comics for over 75 years
Well RIP. At least with Rebirth we had a high note before the end.