Justice League

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Figure it's safe to post here now that the embargo is kinda lifted.

Brief thoughts on the film:
- Pacing's kinda rough and uneven, as is the editing. Scenes transition abruptly, and the reshot footage don't gel well with the original footage.
- Plot's really simple. Basically Steppenwolf's hunting down Mother Boxes for his big bad boss, really reminds me of Avengers 1. The only twist is Superman's return, which is pretty much expected already.
- Tone's far more lighthearted than MoS, BvS and SS. Quite a fair bit of humour and quips, which is jarring coming from Affleck's Batman, especially in comparison to him in BvS. Ezra's Flash wears thin pretty fast since they wrote him as the funniest guy on the team.
- On to the characters: Cyborg's really dull and not quite developed as a character. You'd think they would play up the whole Man v Machine element like Robocop, but nope, he wasn't fleshed out. He stands out from the rest of the team though, because his CGI just looks really off. Ray Fisher's not particularly memorable either.