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Whaddup, mah hommies!

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DJ Diamond's here to drop some sick truths and and dab on the complainers.

It's come to my attention that none of y'all like Steven Universe, but from i've seen, it's for dumb reasons that i'm about to roast y'all on!

Y'all ready, let's go!

>Townies suck, their lives are uninteresting and a lot of them are jerks

They be only human, anons, it's in their nature to be uninteresting a jerkish. I doubt any of y'all are any different, judgin' from ya attitudes around these parts.

>Character sizes are inconsistent

They shape shifters dog! Did y'all just glance over that part, or are y'all as dumb as a box of rocks?!

>Steven lacks any form of masculinity

Y'all want yah big, dumb muscle men with the charisma of a cardboard cutout, THEN WATCH ANOTHA' SHOW, YA DUMMIES!

>Everyone cries too much

It's called EMOTION! Y'all Clearly don't know the basics of the human psychology!

>Everything is in steven's perspective.

The show is called STEVEN UNIVERSE, the show is all about him! Ya big dummies.

>The gems are lesbians, and I hate lesbians

WOAH, WOAH, WOAH, HOMOPHOBIA ALL UP IN MAH GRILL! You'd cast aside a great show because of lesbians? Uncool man, uncool.

And that's all the truths I got, be sure to like and subscribe to this post, 'cause i'm cool like that.

DJ Diamond, over and out!