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DC Artists Workshop 2017

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>Members of the 2017 class include Amancay Nahuelpan (from Chile; YOUNG TERRORISTS, CLANDESTINO, CALEXIT), Aneke (from Spain; RED SONJA, BOMBSHELLS, GOTHAM CITY GARAGE), Domo Stanton (from Baltimore; THE BIG CON JOB, PREZ), Isaac Goodhart (from New York; POSTAL), Max Raynor (from the United Kingdom; 2000 AD, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA), and Priscilla Petraites (from Brazil; BRILLIANT TRASH).

Also a reminder that this year's New Talent Showcase 2017 issue will be here on 11/29!

>Jagdish Kumar, Lalit Sharma, Matt Merhoff, Siya Oum, Lynne Yoshii, Minkyu Jung, Sam Lofti

>Al Letson, Aaron Gillespie, David Accampo, Desiree Proctor, Erica Harrell, Owl Goingback, Tony Patrick