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>Rebecca Sugar, Lauren Faust headline 217 signees of open letter denouncing gender inequality and history of sexual harassment within the animation industry

>Amelia Lorenz, storyboarder on Gravity Falls and Star Vs. The Forces of Evil
>Anna Hollingsworth, former animation director on BoJack Horseman
>Anne Walker Farrell, director on BoJack Horseman and recently revealed sexual harassment by Loud House creator Chris Savino
>Elizabeth Ito, director on Adventure Time
>Emily Brundige, former writer on Star Vs. The Forces of Evil
>Hilary Florido, storyboarder on Steven Universe
>Jessica Gao, writer on Rick and Morty who was harassed by fans over her appearance on the previously male-heavy crew
>Julia Pott, showrunner of upcoming Summer Camp Island on Cartoon Network
>Kristen Gish, storyboard revisionist/writer on Star Vs. The Forces of Evil
>Lauren Faust, first female animation showrunner of the 21st century with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
>Lisa Hanawalt, head production designer on BoJack Horseman
>Madeline Queripel, storyboarder on Regular Show as well as recent SU episode "Lars' Head"
>McKenna Harris, character designer on We Bare Bears
>Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe and former storyboarder on Adventure Time
>Shadi Petosky, co-creator of Amazon original Danger and Eggs

First all that stuff about Chris Savino earlier this week now this, are a bunch of people who make cartoons about to lose their jobs.