Marvel is now dead, and not because of SJW stuff

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The success of the MCU is the death of Marvel Comics. And I'm not even mad. Disney has made billions off of the MCU, and I guarantee there are more MCU fans now than there has ever been Marvel Comic fans. And because of how successful it is, now Disney is forcing synergy on an unheard of level. I mean, the whole point of Legacy was to make it sync back up to the movies. we have another quest for the infinity STONES, involving the gotg and probably the avengers too. and the legacy stories are just trying to cause synergy as well. Kingpin is becoming a respected guy, just like in Netflix, Parker is becoming poor again (but maybe aunt may will learn his identity soon again so that'll be nice), Deadpool is becoming an asshole again, Jean Gay is coming back, the runaways are back (and the only reason they're focusing on new shit is because depending on how much of a hit the show is, they'll need more material), it goes on and on. and guess who's gonna be on the lineup after Avengers: No Surrender? that's right, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Captain America, Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Spider-Man. And Adam Warcock is only coming back to the GotG because he'll be in for GotG 3. And the X-men don't have any hope either, now that Marvel's put on their thinking caps and realized that they can make money off Logan, Dark Phoenix, Legion, the Gifted, etc. maybe characters who haven't reached mainstream popularity will be okay, like Moon Knight, but say goodbye to any character growth for everyone else. this is why I'm a bit happy the DC shows and movies are average at best. I mean we've already seen lots of synergy with green arrow and supergirl and a bit of flash, imagine what would happen if those shows were actually good? Say your goodbyes to the stories in Marvel Comics.