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>Season 1 was based on a feature film script drafted by Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim that was scrapped after the box office failure of 2011's GREEN LANTERN.

>In early stages, Barry would use "Flash Time" to slow down time and analyze his enemies' weaknesses in order to neutralize them, but this was scrapped because it broke the pacing of the fight scenes.

>In early stages, Iris would be a psychology student interning at Central City Police Department and studying to be a criminal profiler.

>In early stages, Joe would be a much stricter figure who dismisses Barry's investigations into supernatural occurances and would be killed by Weather Wizard in the pilot episode.

>In early stages, Caitlin's dead fiance would've been Kyle Nimbus, who'd later return as The Mist. She'd also become romantically involved with Barry.

>In early stages, Eddie was a much more unsympathetic character, an arrogant glory hound who'd often take credit for the Flash's achievements.

>A large subplot concerning the secret behind Eddie's transfer from Keystone City was scrapped. It would've been revealed that he accidentally shot his previous partner and covered up his involvement to protect his career.

>In early stages, Hartley Rathaway would've been part of the S.T.A.R. Labs crew and the team's "lovable asshole" before eventually turning to crime.

>In early stages, Captain Cold would've been a meta-human.

>In early stages, Solovar and Nmandi would've been featured as gorillas affected by the particle accelerator explosion alongside Grodd.