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Dark Horse, IDW, Image December 2017 Early Solicits + Notable #1's and GNs from others

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DISCLAIMER: All of these are subject to change without prior notice. These solicits have no cover art (with a few exceptions) and no story details (except Dark Horse) until maybe later this week or next week. All these trades I post here are chosen due to being interesting.


(W) Mat Johnson (A/CA) Warren Pleece
A tenth anniversary edition of the acclaimed graphic novel!

In the early 20th Century, Zane Pinchback, a reporter for the New Holland Herald, is sent to investigate the arrest of his own brother, charged with the brutal murder of a white woman in Mississippi. With a lynch mob already swarming, Zane, whose skin color is light enough that he can pass for white, must stay "incognegro" long enough to uncover the truth behind the murder to save his brother-and himself.
Suspenseful, unsettling and relevant, Incognegro is a tense graphic novel of shifting identities, forbidden passions, and secrets that run far deeper than skin color.
· Features a new afterword by Mat Johnson, enhanced toned art and other additional material.
"A talented writer of both fiction and creative non-fiction, Johnson's publications have established him as an important new voice in the African-American tradition."-Walter Mosley
In Shops: Feb 07, 2018
SRP: $19.99