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All this year I'll be storytiming Punisher comics. Most of the focus will be on material from before the Ennis era on the series. I'll probably post some issues from the Ennis era at some point though. Expect at least 1 story per week.

This week was when school let back in... I think?

Anyway, it should be around this time of the year, so we're gonna ease off some of the stress and read The Punisher Back To School Specials.

Y'see, back in the early 90s The Punisher was SO popular that he had not only 3 ongoings (2 of which had their own Annuals), he ALSO had 3 annually published "seasonal" themed "Specials", Summer Special, Back To School Special, and Holiday Special, more or less assuring that he had comics coming out every single week once you included all of the miniseries and one-shots and cameos and spin-offs and what have you.

So what should you expect from The Punisher Back To School Special? Pretty much 50-odd pages of short stories of The Punisher busting high school drug rings. Plus there's lots and lots of Chuck Dixon, so you know the writing's pretty solid. There's other writers as well, and a bunch of different artists, and at least 1 completely fucking awesome cover (pic related by Bill Sienkiewicz of all people), and some cool moments.

There's 3 issues total. We'll be reading all 3. Which at 50+ pages a piece means we're gonna be here for a few hours, so strap yourself in, grab an after school snack (serious question: what did you eat after school as a kid?), and let's read some Punisher comics.