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Marvel editor, I'm gonna tell you guys a secret.

Eternity War was supposed to be the big summer event, and Secret Empire would have just been a line crossover between Captain America and a couple other books. Brevoort leaned too hard into the idea of making comics for people to hate-read, and at the last minute decided Secret Empire was going to be the event, canceled Ultimates, USAvengers, and generally Ewing's days are numbered. The Eternity War one-shot is his swan song at Marvel.

Editorial gives no shits about the shit reviews and fan backlash from Secret Empire. They think this is the best Marvel's been in ages, because of all the free promotion.

Also Gwenpool won't be getting a continuation because they think if they cancel it all the readers will start reading stuff like Squirrel Girl, America, and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. I know that reads like a shitpost but I swear to god that's really what someone said.