Heroes Past Their Prime

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Something about the idea of a hero continuing to fight the good fight, even when it's clear they're past their prime. On one hand it's inspiring, and on the other you have a more compelling character that is having to actively work past their frailties to save the day.

Mr. Incredible
>Strength in all muscle groups (punching and jumping)
>Enhanced agility and reflexes.
>Superhuman durability.
>Danger Sense (the ability to detect when an immediate threat whether it be a villain's bomb or his wife waiting for him).

After having kids and at least a decade of actively battling supervillains, he's put on a bit of weight and let his strength likely to decline. Also he is horribly inflexible and pulled out his back while gloating.

Thankfully he spent a couple months getting back in shape (recovering a fair amount of his prior strength and endurance) and although probably not as hardy as he was previously, he still has years of combat experience and is a force to be reckoned with.

His battle with the Omnidroid while being out of the game for YEARS is a testament to his abilities. The droid had be working it's way through the majority of the hero roster getting stronger and smarter with every kill and it STILL WASN'T ENOUGH to kill Mr. Incredible. Fucking baller.