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Star vs News

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We have new info from some people who attended the Meet & Greet with Nefcy in Mexico

facebook com/ALFRELY22/posts/1736347989738896

>Just came from the Meet and Greet with Daron Nefcy, it was incredible, was nice and we were able to record everything. Also she really liked our gift and autographed everything we had with us.

>These are some of the things she revealed:
>1) She already knows how the show will end
>2) Ferguson and Alfonzo were created because it was a Disney requirement, they wanted Marco to have male friends. Then she didn’t know what to do with them, so she ignored them. However they're gonna be back in S3.
>3) Probably gonna see more Tomco moments.
>4) She has ideas for other series.
>5) In the episode "Storm In The Castle," Star did a Dip Down (confirmed).
>6) Probably all Ludo's Monsters died, although some may have survived.
>7) Eclipsa's arm seems cut because she pulled her arm out of her glove, just like Star pulled her feet out of her socks.

facebook com/ALFRELY22/videos/1738819112825117/

Summary/Translation (starts at 4 min.):
>New ending with a new song
>Pic related is a frame from the new ending, but it doesn't reveal much info about the season
>Pic description: Star is in Mewni and she's in one of the castle's towers looking at the sunset with the sky full of moons and the famous moon with the asteroids, it goes from sunset to night. Image is a sketch of what the new ending is.
>The ending is 30 seconds long approx.
>Nefcy's explanation for the change is the last ending was too happy because she was on Earth and everything was fine so Daron decide to put something more neutral to the situation
>The new song is "more epic" and heroic
>Apparently, the lyrics of the new song have a lot of information about the season
>Nefcy wanted to make an anime-like ending so she did it and she's so happy with the result