Piecing Together Possible Marvel Legacy Teams

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>So...we suddenly know a lot about Marvel Legacy from Marvel writers "leaking" their own titles. And it's a lot of good news if you're happy with current Marvel, but a whole lot of bad if you're not. Marvel Legacy seems to be more of the same of what we have now.

>Iron Man - will still be written by Brian Michael Bendis. Bendis confirmed this on the current Word Balloon podcast, saying that the title will soon revert to the #600 legacy numbering.

>Miles Morales/Spider-Man - will still be written by Brian Michael Bendis. He didn't give a number, but he said they're working on adding up all of his Spider-Man issues to see what milestone he's close to.

>Daredevil - will still be written by Charles Soule. When asked on Twitter about Legacy, Soule said he's writing a Daredevil Legacy issue now. When asked if he'll be on the title for at least the next 12 issues, Soule said "Definitely."

>Captain America - This one is less concrete, but Nick Spencer definitively said that he would still be writing Steve Rogers post-Secret Empire, which seems a good indication that he would remain the Cap writer in Legacy.

>Amazing Spider-Man by Dan Slott (still). In another Word Balloon podcast recently, Slott talked a lot about his long term plans for the title and how Superior Octopus sets up future stories. Seems a pretty clear indication that Slott's time on the book is not close to ending.

>Speculation - Jason Aaron and Gerry Duggan have given no indication they plan to leave Thor and Deadpool anytime soon, and it would surprise me if they did.

>X-Men and Guardians just recently relaunched, no way that's changing up in October.

>So. It suddenly looks like "Legacy" isn't the answer to "Rebirth" at all, but rather a fresh coat of paint on the same thing. Thoughts?

From Reddit. :^)