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Bit different this time tho.
How can they improve her & her books besides the tried & true (make her sexy again & retcon her "fascism")

My comic hopes...
> They 100% stop trying to do slice of life/earth bound/inspiring little girls who barley read comics bullshit. Make her a epic scale sci-fi cop.
> DROP this god damn notion that female titles need to not be serious & dark that Marvel has tried to push for the past few years (exception being the Del Mundo Elektra)
> Give her a quality artist like Stuart Immonen who will get across her badassery without making her look like a man while giving her book lots of detail, past few artist have made her book too damn bare minimum.

MCU hopes...
> Her outfit is slick reflective & textured leather/rubber like Dceu's Superman & not the damn cloth Cap & Widow's outfits gave been made from.
> Long hair, as with her Large Jaw, Larson's head will look oversized with short hair.
> She gets some Mos style punching across the sky type battles.
> They don't try to directly or indirectly push her as a "strong female" in the dialogue of the film.
> Her film is NOT even remotely the same tone as Gotg, (and don't sell it with pop music ether).
> ideally go with a Winter Soldier tone, realistically go with a IM1 tone, but no lighter.