Power Rangers 2017

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>two hours long
>3/4's of that runtime is angsty teen depression
>muted color palette
>angry, obnoxious, asshole characters that dislike each other turn into "shared-a-foxhole" vets willing to sacrifice their lives for each other because ??????
>only kid with an actual backstory get glossed over so we can hear about how the lesbian's parents like totally don't even understand her u guise
>oops there's 20 minutes left and we didn't show anything related to Power Rangers. Here's a big ugly Goldar to fight the big ugly Micheal Bay bug-armor zords
What the fuck were they thinking?

All they had to do was hire some 30-something martial artists, have them yell EE-YAHH in ADR, and play some light metal. That's all they had to fucking do.