Villain/rival speeches

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First of all let's list all the villains and rivals of every medium and quote some of their ambitious speeches.

Well, let's chat. Often times villains use their discourse to discourage the hero or make weak souls join their corrupted cause. "Join me, Luke. We will rule the galaxy as father and son". Often times pretending the end justifies the means or lying

How about you, /co/? Would you be a genuinely benevolent tyrant ruler or just another villain pretending he has any clue how to rule the world?(Scar from Lion King)

Sadly most villains never mean what they say or they are stupid, lack charm and are very anti social about things, not encouraging the hero to join them even if they wanted to.

Has there ever been a benevolent tyrant in media? or a hero who had to convince a bunch of people to do the wrong things for the right reasons and the hero was shown in the right?(Not Robin from Teen Titans or Batman TAS)