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>Apparently, the brakes on the Batmobile have been tapped.

>According to a longtime BOF source, THE BATMAN has been “pushed back.” How long? “A couple of months” I was told. If this is indeed the case, it means that THE BATMAN won’t start filming until mid-Summer at the earlier. Thus, a July 2018 release now will be in question as will a release in 2018 period.

>Or – and this would be the worst case scenario – perhaps Affleck knows that JUSTICE LEAGUE is going to suck (I'm hearing it's a mess -- I hope it's not!) and is ready to bail on the DCEU before he gets GIGLY’ed (again) by it.

>Look, I hope (i.e. desparately want) that Ben Affleck directs THE BATMAN, so here’s hoping the reason behind this alleged delay in production the first hypothetical I proposed above. But, something’s up with THE BATMAN, no doubt about it. Could this be why Affleck's comments about THE BATMAN suddenly changed here recently? I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit worried, but I'll remain optimistic (because I really want this to happen).