What a fucking mess

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Is the crewniverse seriously trying to tell me society shouldn't have caste system and everyone can do what the fuck they want?

>rude and ugly behaviour performed on your superior
>AHAHA GUYS ISN'T THAT FUNNY?? A gem who worked to own that title is a bitch because she's telling other gems to stop slacking off on the job
>lol lol lol I'm a stronk pearl who don't need no superior
>those ugly bitch fits ruby was displaying
Isn't she an era fucking 01 type
>stevens beta as fuck crying sessions

I can't believe how bad this bomb is and how much it's attempting to teach kids to disobey and act like a autistic spaz. I literally only stuck around for the diamond crew (plus holly blue and sapphire). Nice time machine reference though crewniverse, too bad you put different races in because poc inclusion. They'd all be a uniformed colour by now if they bread together all those years