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I used to read Marvel for many years and eventually stopped. Not because there was anything wrong with the comics or a particular story. I just had other things to do and I lost interest in comics.

I heard that Civil War 2 ended and I was considering picking up Marvel comics again, but I have this feeling that if I try reading current Marvel I'll just end up getting pissed off.

I'm a white, male, Trump-supporting Christian and I'm concerned that if I read Marvel comics, all I'll end up getting is a bunch of social commentary designed to make me feel like a terrible person. I know the people working at Marvel Studios are a bunch of liberal douchebags and all the Avengers stars went on their whole pissy fit where they literally begged people not to vote for Trump.

You don't see a whole lot social commentary in the Marvel Studios films, but I know comics are a very different story. There's more incentive to keep social commentary out of film than there is to keep it out of comics. Since the 2000s at least, comics have been full of social commentary.

tl;dr Can Trump supporters get any enjoyment out of reading Marvel or will they just get bombarded by liberal propaganda?