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Toonami Ratings for 6/11/16

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There will be a marathon on July 2nd, we should know which show by this Saturday

By next Saturday we should know what is replacing Champloo

A new season of Samurai Jack is being made for Adult Swim Toonami. A sneak peak will be shown at the Annecy Festival this Wednesday. It's in France at about 3pm so whenever that is in Burger time

Adult Swim is funding two new 6 episode seasons of FLCL. Expected release is late 2017/early 2018.

Last week was a little rough, but hey maybe the poorly advertised schedule shift was to blame. This weeks ratings show that's not the case. All of Toonami is up slightly from last week, but still not performing like it was when it started later.

11:30 Dragon Ball Z Kai 1310 0.61 779
12:00a Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 1116 0.54 683
12:30a Hunter X Hunter 1086 0.51 647
1:00a Samurai Champloo 962 0.46 584

1:30a Naruto: Shippuden 852 0.40 509
2:00a One Piece 766 0.35 450
2:30a Parasyte: The Maxim (r) 685 0.31 393