So what the fuck is the deal with Punishers vest in DD?

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Pic related.

So the idea was he spray painted the skull, yeah? Onto a vest he had.

But heres the thing, during production, was the original intent that he was to have a giant skull-shaped piece on his armored vest? Because if you'll examine the vest itself, you can see that the general outline of the most front portion matches the shape of the cheekbones and top ridge of the brow area.

Add onto that, if you look closely, you can see the nasal bones indents in the middle.

But the biggest thing?

The fucking teeth.

All four teeth are modeled on the vest, and properly indented, you can most obviously see the 4 nibs on the bottom, but as i've highlighted, they go all the way up.

Whats the deal then? Why not paint the whole thing?