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>whereas non-superhero settings allow for as widely diverse situations, moments, problematics, interelations betveen characters and/or groups, all sorts of powers/magic/technology and even superhuman characters if need be, as can only be imagined given the vide variety of possibe genres, making for wide-spanning story lines, without any of the backdraws, and all the time remaining fun, retaining basic emersion in the context that the characters themselves are still 'basicaly people', and leaving ample room for artistic free expression at every step, the superhero genre is actualy highly limiting and dependent on tropes and cliches, made interesting merely by the artistic merit of certain issues or the general popularity of some portion of the plot, and basicaly appears as a sort of multimedial monoculture working itself out into eventual extinction

>the biggest fault is its very dependence on the character of the superhero, as opposed to hundreds of different possible types of protagonists found in other, non-superhero, comics, even where 'superpowers' in terms of magic or sci-fi tech are involved as plot devices