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/co/co/'s Bizarre Adventure - [LA CUCARACHA] Edition

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(ALSO, try not to suggest 1:1 copies of characters and events in JJBA)

>Plot summaries and character list

>Abilities and Stands

>Every part, in order
1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -


>Fighting Game

>Vocaroofag's Dialogue

>/Co/Co/ playlist:「THE SHOW MUST GO ON」

>Phantom Scare: Chapter 1

>M.E. LeTerally's Over Heaven: Chapters 1-3

MAIN TOPIC: Refining character's stands and fleshing out the story of part 3.

>Stand suggestions are welcome. When making a Stand:
1) Read the pastebin/docs to check that there isn't a similar ability already. In fact, try not to have something that mirrors a Stand in JoJo either.

2) Make sure the power isn't too close to what a character can already do in their comic/show.

3) Give it a song/album/band name. Normally it shouldn't directly reference its powers. Instead, pick something based on it loosely reflecting the Stand through the lyrics, feeling, or history.

4) Include the parts it could be in and reasons why it's a fit for them. Please refer to the pastebins to see what each part is about.