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I don't know why /co/ isn't discussing this movie rn. Disney's best animated film and definitely one of the best animated films to date. The movie's character and environmental design is brilliant, it's action scenes are top notch, and it manages to deal with complex themes without dumbing them down or making them completely ambiguous; the allegory of prey vs. predators brilliantly codes both as both marginalized groups and oppressors. Disney's firing on all cylinders in this film. It's incredibly ambitious and the fact that it's a film noir is incredibly surprising.

I absolutely loved this movie. Definitely seeing it again.

>b-but furfags!
Honestly this shouldn't prevent you from enjoying something great. Grow up. Yes the Tigers at the end were probably pandering but it still got a laugh out of me and my friends to see the film so overtly sexualize some of its characters.