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Toonami Ratings for 11/21/15

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This Saturday Toonami will marathon episodes 1-7 of Parasyte. As with all marathons, no new episodes will play. However, be sure to tune in for the first episode to catch this weeks segment of Intruder 2. After that enjoy some extra sleep.

Intruder 2 is happening right now. There is a new segment during the commercial break for DBZ Kai (12 am Parasyte this week) for the next 4 weeks.

December 19th will be a DBZ Kai marathon of episodes 44-50

December 26th will be a One Piece marathon of episodes 320-326. Yes, most of those are heavy dialog post Eneis Lobby episodes.

Since Intruder 2 started Toonami has been pulling excellent ratings, this week things are down but still decent. Hopefully marathons don't kill the momentum too much more.

12:00a Dragon Ball Z Kai 1550 0.68 862
12:30a Akame Ga Kill 1277 0.58 739
1:00a Parasyte 1088 0.47 591
1:30a Michiko & Noaction 935 0.41 525

2:00a Naruto: Shippuden 845 0.37 470
2:30a One Piece 763 0.34 425
3:00a Kill La Kill (r) 707 0.31