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>The movie is about Kraven being recruited by Calypso to prevent corrupt magnate Gregory Herd from performing the Gathering of the Five.
>Herd recruits the Foreigner and the Chameleon to stop Kraven, and Kraven later learns that the Chameleon is his brother and their father Nikolai Kravinoff is the real villain and Herd’s boss.
>Calypso also works for Nikolai and manipulated Kraven so Nikolai could sacrifice him in the ritual, but she falls in love with Kraven and helps him fight Nikolai.
>Aaron Taylor-Johnson is Kraven, Ariana DeBose is Calypso, Russell Crowe is Nikolai, Fred Hechinger is the Chameleon, Christopher Abbott is the Foreigner and Alessandro Nivola is Herd.


>The movie is about Julia Carpenter meeting Cassandra Webb and learning she is the next Madame Web and must protect the avatar of the Web of Life from a mysterious serial killer.
>The killer turns out to be Webb’s daughter Charlotte Witter, who wants to steal the avatar’s power for herself.
>Julia must learn how to control her powers to fight Charlotte and protect the avatar, teenager Anya Corazón.
>Dakota Johnson is Julia, Sidney Sweeney is Charlotte, and Vera Farmiga is in final talks for Cassandra. Sony wants Jena Ortega for Anya and is eyeing Scott Eastwood, Moses Ingram and Jeffrey Dean Morgan for supporting roles.


>The movie is in active development for a 2024 release with Andy Serkis as the director.
>Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Reid Scott and Stephen Graham will return.
>Patrick Mulligan will become Toxin, but will be a rival vigilante rather than the main villain.
>The plot features Venom and Toxin being hunted by the government and having to join forces to fight the Xenophage, a genetically engineered symbiote killer that goes rogue.