Spooktober - Sunday Edition

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Welcome to Spooktober!
The /co/ thread for all things Halloween! Discuss films, cartoons, comics, and everything related to the spookiest time of year!

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>SkeletalStreamer's Spooky Streams
>Friday, Saturday and Sunday @ 6 Central/7 Eastern (but honestly depends on Skelly)
https://cytu/ DOT be/r/SkeletalStreamer

>Halloween Music Pastebin:

>Ghoul School Fan Art and Stories:

>Halloween Episodes and Movies:

This pastebin is dead. Please, if any writefags are out there with classic work, let's start creating a new archive, with old and new works.

(The /co/llection will only grow if you help it too, share what you've got so we can add it in)

>Threadiquette: Please remember to only create new threads on weekends in October.
>Please do not make a new thread until the bump limit is hit, and the thread reaches page 10.
>If you see a troll, hide their post and move on.
>All Halloween discussion is welcome, in addition to art and writing. We'd also love to see some storytimes for spooky comics this year, to add more content and discussion

Happy spooking!

Thread Question: Does your job do anything spooky to celebrate the holiday season?