Alberto Scorfano thread

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You tought Up's story was sad?

> Parent basically told you to fuck off because you're a burden for him
> Being alone for at least a year
> you start to get used to it and cope by stealing stuff ... but not really
> finally find someone to spend time with, you may not be alone
> Hey, Try to act cool and cocky, to impress him, so he won't leave
> plan to explore the world by their side for the rest of your life, he seems fine with it
> You love him, he seems to like you too
> Met a girl that shows him much cooler stuff and ideas than yours
> Get jealous because the only person you ever had may drift away forever
> You appear angry, but you're actually scared to lose him
> Do something to keep his trust in you
> He betrays you for the cooler ideas the girl showed him, at your worst
> Heartbroken, you actually lost him, like you feared
> The only person you tought cared about you literally didn't need you
> After all you went trough together: the Vespa, the swimming, the laughs ... it's all ruined
> Destroy it all
> But ... actually you are the problem, you ARE a burden like your parent said, you are replacable
> You always ruin everything, nobody will ever fucking care about you
> Now die ALONE on that island, like it was planned

And still, you gave everything you could to Luca at the end, because you cared