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Daily reminder that Red is the Patrician choise, simply because of how many Best Boys pine after them.

>Tony Stark
The undeniable victor here, with Bethany, Pepper and Widow. He's gone on record, in more than one universe, saying that that's his fetish.
>Dick Grayson
With both Barbara and Kori, he's the follow-up.
>Jason Todd
>Peter Parker
>Luke Skywalker
Mara Jade.
Lois in the 80s and movie snyder.
Atom Eve.
>Black Bolt
Medusa. She might be a cunt now, but Blackagar is still Best Boy.
Jean Grey & Maddie.
>Multiple Man
Typhoid Mary.
>Winter Soldier
Black Widow.
So, as you can see, you just cannot argue with the facts. And as if you needed more to be convinced, do you know who canonically hates redheads? Namor; Namor does. And do you honestly wish to be in the same camp as Dicklet Fishman?