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Hey /co/, new user here. So I been lurking and saw this idea and it seems so cool. What do you think?

A long time ago in a universe far, far away were beautifully drawn people. Waifus and husbandos of comic/cartoon kind. But in a freak accident, next to theirs, a universe was born. The Fuseverse, which every passing second feeds from /co/-kind. Copying their DNA to create its own life. But with the Fuseverse too small to sustain its creations, war for the universe has broken out. Many battle. Few survive. All bleed. One rules.

"Fusion families?"
Fusions on a chart, regarding themselves as brothers/sisters due to close relation. For instances of say two Mandy+Gaz fusions from different charts, they'd regard themselves as long-lost twins. On the other hand, a Gaz+Mandy from one family meeting a Gaz+Mabel or any other non-twin Gaz fusion outside their family would be regarded as a cousin. Other fusions to them are just unrelated.

>"Who is stronger, double-fused or triple-fused?
While a triple-fusion has more strengths, it also possesses more weaknesses. It may also have additional skills, but lacks in comparison to the masters of few.