Henchman Thread

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>be me, a twentysomething underachiever
>same as a lot of other guys, showed promise in school but never really found a direction and never really amounted to anything
>moved to Gotham City because it was the only place where I could afford to live
>recently had hours cut at work
>could barely make rent, let alone bills and expenses
>reduced to pretty much living in the dark, always cold with nothing to eat but rice and beans
>stress was really starting to affect me badly, lost a lot of weight
>performance at work suffered which just made the situation worse
>no family to ask for help, no loved one to shoulder the burden alongside
>started to ask what was even the point of going on anymore
>one day a guy at work asked if I needed some extra cash
>asked if he was offering overtime
>said it was another job, after hours - nothing official, just some quick cash doing door work for a few nights
>hardly exactly in a position to say no
>place was in a real seedy part of town
>would've been terrified just to go there normally but it wasn't like I had anything to lose and my life sure as fuck wasn't worth much
>checked in with the guy and started watching the door
>told to keep a look out for any suspicious characters or strange noises and to report in every 15 minutes
>seemed a little excessive but the fuck did I know about the job?
>couple nights pass by, nothing much happened
>had to scare off the occasional hobo but other than that it was pretty easy
>one night a big limo rolled up, blacked out windows and everything
>somebody stepped outside accompanied by about half a dozen guys all in black suits
>suddenly very very scared