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News via Hulu

>each episode is half Warners, half PATB (sometimes 66% Warners, 33% PATB)
>EP 1 revolves around The Brain trying to make a meme
>EP 4 revolves around a new app
>EP 6 has “odd political ads”
>The Brain makes his own FLOTUS to infiltrate the White House in episode 8
>EP 13 has Dot singing about all of the First Ladies (I guess similar to the OG President’s song)
>No mention of any other old character, aside from Dr. Scratchansniff in the final episode
>Other characters named, not 100% sure if it’s returning or new
>Takes place through multiple time periods with historical figures like the original
>A Halloween themed episode
>Most interesting part is about the Warners meeting their Russian counterparts in episode 12

What the fuck are they doing?